Bench Rental Application

  • If you have any questions please feel free to call (303) 941-6434

    Applicants for Bench Rentals need to undergo a background check, provide a portfolio of work and are on probationary status for six months. Applicants will need to sign a liability release form.

    Bench rental, in the space designated by Colorado Center for Metal Arts (CCMA), costs $220.00 per month with a refundable deposit of $220 and a separate refundable deposit of $50.00 for each lost key or fob. Payment is due the first of each month with a grace period of 4 days. On the 5th day the renter will be charged $10.00 per day. The rental cost covers the use of the bench, electricity, specified equipment, and 24 hour access to CCMA.

    Quiet time is 10 pm to 9 am. You are able to work during the quiet time, but note that there are people in the apartment above you.

    Specified equipment includes tanks/gas, metal shear, rolling mill, flex shaft, buffing wheel, grinders, steamers, vises, casting equipment and specialty hand tools. Renters must demonstrate the ability to use and maintain the equipment properly. If you damage a tool you are responsible for fixing or replacing the tool. The Director will determine whether the tool needs to be replaced or fixed. The studio is monitored by cameras.

    Bench renters need to supply bench lighting, hand tools, sound blocking ear plugs or headphones, supplies and materials. Supplies and materials include saw blades, buffing wheels and compounds, drill bits, flux, solder, metal , shears, scribe, pre-cut stones and gems, ruler and other tools you use on a regular basis.

    To make this a pleasant experience for everyone, Renters need to limit their activities to their space, need to be respectful of each other, and play music through their headphones. They can not participate in classes, workshops or use the equipment unless they register and pay for that class or workshop. Neither smoking nor drug use is allowed in the building or around the entrance.

    Certain regulations for personal appearance and attire need to be adhered to for safety reasons. These include hair pulled back, sleeved shirts, no loose clothing that can get caught in machines, and shoes that protect your toes.

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