Open Studio - Plans & Pricing

Independently work on projects while enjoying access to personalized instruction. Choose from Nightly, Daily, and Drop-In open studio rates.

Open studio provides students time to refine their skills by independently working on projects. Students are guided in the use of tools.  This is great for people who still do not feel comfortable using all the tools and need some assistance in a group environment.

Specified equipment includes tanks/gas, metal shear, rolling mill, flex shaft, buffing wheel, grinders, steamers, vises, casting equipment and specialty hand tools.  Individuals are encouraged to ask the shop monitor questions when they are getting familiar with the studio. If you damage a tool you are responsible for fixing or replacing the tool. The Director will determine whether the tool needs to be replaced or fixed. The studio is monitored by cameras.

Studio renters are required to bring in supplies and materials which include saw blades drill bits, flux, solder, metal, shears, scribe, pre-cut stones and gems, ruler and other tools you use on a regular basis.


Nightly - 5pm to 10pm (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

- 2 mo. $150 / students get 2 nights a week
- 12 mo. advance $780 ($65/per mo)
- Night open studio and instructions

Daily -10am to 5pm
(one day a week)



- Every 2 months $170 ($85/per mo)

- 12 mo. advance $860 ($72/per mo)

Drop-In Rates

Drop-in sessions allow you to visit our studio without a membership. A $50 one-time session fee is available during day or nightly hours.


You focus on growing your skills, we take care of the rest


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to use the equipment? 

Yes, knowledge of jewelry making equipment available in the studio is required. 

Can I drop in more than once per week without a membership?

Yes, a $50 one-time session fee is required for each drop in.

Is there a minimum contract term for memberships?

Memberships are billed for 2 months or 12 months in advance. You may cancel your membership at anytime, but will be billed an additional month for the cancellation.